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"Our mission is to train companies, organization and, more than anything, people to a preventive health strategy leading to a SAHNA life. "

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Distrito Federal, Mexico

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What do we do ?

In SAHNA, we provide our members the right tools and knowledge to empower a healthy and preventive lifestyle. "Our goal is that every Mexican has the ability to live a healthy life: personally, at work and with the family."

We work with Mexican companies to facilitate a culture of health in the work environment. This workplace wellness model has been developed in the United States—with a focus on office workers. SAHNA is focused on the manual laborers that are predominant in Mexican factories. Our program results in an increase in business productivity, while improving the health of their workers and their families.

SAHNA offers preventive health programs based on the specific needs and capabilities of the company and each of its employees.

Our four main metrics of success:

1. Participation: SAHNA measures along with client company.

2. Wellness: Alongside Harvard School of Public Health’s SHINE program, SAHNA evaluates companies’ human resource wellness with a Wellness Index Questionnaire.

3. Productivity: SAHNA analyzes with client companies: Example: packaging faults.

4. Health risk: Alongside IMSS (Mexican Social Security), SAHNA evaluates the general health of the workers and provides risk profiles to the client companies.

We offer our members preventative health plans focused on hydration, nutrition and physical activity--appropriate to each worker. We use personal monitoring technology (pedometers, wellness kiosks and application) and a mobile platform to strengthen our program and measure impact.

We have impacted more than 150 Mexican families, with incredible results.

  • Average of 4 kg weight reduction
  • Steps increase of more than 50%-- monitored by pedometers.

More important than the health impact numbers, SAHNA members are happier and enjoying their families more with less stress.

According to the Ministry of Health, the main cause of the health crisis is detrimental, unhealthy habits: a diet high in calories and sodium, consumption of high calorie drinks and a sedentary lifestyle. SAHNA provides workers access to a complete preventative wellness program that focuses on:

  • Water consumption and hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity

Why Do We Do It?


80% of the population is overweight or obese * , which increases the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases and causes serious economic issues for the individual, family and country. Obesity affects functional capacity, quality of life, well-being and life expectancy of Mexicans.

The advantage of this is that a healthy Mexico is a very achievable idea. Healthy Living is a lifestyle that saves, betters, and remunerates. At SAHNA, we stress why a personal situation of our members does not have to be a constraint on their health, but rather can serve as a motivation to improve every day.

About the Team

The idea began with Rene del Castillo and Alexander Place (graduates of Babson College) working in rural Guatemala. There, the SAHNA Co -Founders realized that families who barely had access to water treated it like gold. This contrasted with the reality in their home countries, where water is wasted and often forgotten in lieu of less healthy beverages. That is why SAHNA promised to address the health problems in Mexico by using water as its main engine.

Today SAHNA is a group of 6 people brought together by a passion to revolutionize health in Mexico. They do their best to find the best strategies to promote preventive health in different work environments. The team has all the clinical experience and enthusiasm to bring health to every Mexican family in an entertaining and effective way.  They collectively want to continue to grow and reach more people every day and, with your help, SAHNA will get there.

How and when the rewards will be delivered?

We will send the rewards in the first month. If it is an analysis of health and costs for a business, we will work with our sponsors to do it as soon as possible.

Contact us

mail: ,


  • ​Rene Del Castillo: 55 6422-7510
  • Alex Place: 55 3035-0583

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SAHNA CHAMPION: Thank you for your support and congratulations on joining the movement towards a healthy life! In addition to the above awards, you will receive a 1 hour, personal counseling session with one of our health coaches (Via Skype or in our offices). Start on your personal SAHNA mission… now.

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SAHNA FAMILY: Your family comes first for you. To reward your support , we will give you what it takes to start a SAHNA culture in your family. In addition to the first two rewards, you'll receive 3 talks via Skype (1 hour each) with our team to create a preventive health strategy in your family and track your family’s health goals.

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ULTIMATE SAHNA FAMILY: We appreciate your support and applaud your initiative! As a reward, in addition to the advantages of the reward "SAHNA FAMILY", you will receive the SAHNA equipment. This includes 5 reusable water bottles, a cookbook for your home and a monthly supply of Moringa Kukua-- the best superfood on the planet.

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SAHNA COMPANY PACKAGE: Thank you for your support and for believing in our solution for your company! With your donation of 10,000 pesos, you will receive an analysis of your business and we will facilitate our program with 5 of your team members. Each will receive the full program (check-up, tools, access to application, and follow-up check-up) and help create a healthier culture in your company. In addition, we will provide a SAHNA business report that answers these questions: What is the profile of health risk and expense of your team? What strategies are there to improve health and how it will affect the success of the company?

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