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"We lead ARTISANS to improve the EXPERIENCE that high end markets are looking for their clients."

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We generate a collaboration with ARTISANS, these people whom with their hands not only create spectacular pieces but continue with our traditions, creating a STEADY INCOME and supporting them to gradually STRUCTURE THEIR BUSINESS and improve their quality of life. We do this by improving the quality of the EXPERIENCE and service that our customers want to offer their clients by proposing innovative ideas with regional and traditional products that show essence of our country. 

Oti is a Wixarika artisan, Ramos' girlfriend, and they both work with beads.


I love traveling, working directly with people, I am terrible at handcrafts so I admire people who are good at it and I LOVE Mexico. I think we Mexicans know few of our history and do not appreciate how much we can learn by talking to an artisan. I am against pity, lack of education (and I think that when you've received an education it is an obligation to share it) and I know that in Mexico two different Mexicos are lived. My name is Sofia and MEXIKATEKATL is a project done with the heart that integrates everything that I like doing and aims to change part of what I do not like and what happens in my country. I am fortunate to say I found my passion. I love to eat nopales for breakfast, I'm obsessed with chocolate and I'm a coffee fan.

Don Chuy shaping the rock


The Artisan Industry is suffering of an effect that we like to call "Air effect" because as the air: it is here, it exists, its vital (in this case for our culture and tourism), but mosto f the times we forget to take care of it and value it. We are changing Mexico including this “informal industry” in the economy, by supporting the artisans to formalize in order for it to continue to exist. Unfortunately the artisans several times, because of the low income, lack of support and low level of education have stoped practicing their technics and changed their source of income.... Losing an artisanal technique is cultural suicide, we can not allow this to happen.


We now have the tremendous OPPORTUNITY to enter the house where for five weeks our project will be analyzed, reviewed, discussed and catapulted to another level in UNREASONABLE MEXICO supported by mentors and other entrepreneurs that as us are seeking to MAKE A CHANGE. To enter we have the huge challenge of raising $ 80,000 MXN and show that there are people interested and understand the problem we are solving in Mexico with MEXIKATEKATL. If we pass the goal and reached $ 110,000 MXN we will be able to improve the training plans we currently have to accelerate the process of building the artisan’s business. WE WOULD LOVE TO COUNT WITH YOU !!


We greatly appreciate your support and therefore we have carefully chosen our gifts to thank you. Once we reach the goal we will be contacting you to provide Mexikatekatl artisan’s work and organize our schedules. You can see on the right side what you will you get after your donation :).

Some notes:

• For visits or workshops in Guadalajara you would have to organize your trip and this expenses will be running on you. We will arrange the transfer to the workshop and tours and the expenses of the classes and materials you use with the artisan is on our account.

Gifts include shipping in Mexico.


Instagram: Mexikatekatl
FB: Mexikatekatl
Phone: 3314779303 

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¡BRINDA CON NOSOTROS! Recibirás un par de caballitos de Madera de Granadillo hechos a Mano para que te tomes un buen Tequila....MUCHAS GRACIAS POR TU APOYO!!! (No Incluye el envío)

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¿QUIERES HACER SALSA? ¡Esta recompensa te encantará! Te enviaremos un molcajete mini y una deliciosa receta de salsa mexicana... Podrás demostrar tus habilidades culinarias utilizando un tradicional artículo mexicano. (Envío incluido sólo en la República Mexicana) Cuéntanos después cómo quedo tu salsa :) ESTAMOS MUY AGRADECIDOS

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TE QUEREMOS APOYAR DE REGRESO!! + LIBRETA DE PAPEL DE AGAVE Y PLUMA DE MADERA ¿Te encanta trabajar con artesanos o quieres comenzar a hacerlo? Nos encantaría apoyarte y durante una sesión de Skype de una hora podemos contarte cómo empezamos. Con esta aportación te sumaras al objetivo que es llevar más trabajo a los artesanos. ¡MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS POR TU APOYO! Te enviaremos una libreta y una pluma hechas por nuestros artesanos para que tomes nota de toda nuestra platica :) (Envío incluido solo en la República Mexicana)

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¡APRENDE DE UN ARTESANO! + KIT TEQUILERO Con esta aportación se nota que valoras el trabajo artesanal y queremos que aprendas a hacerlo. ESTAMOS INMENSAMENTE AGRADECIDOS y por eso queremos que recibas clases de alguno de nuestros artesanos. Te presentaremos a un artesano y agendaremos alrededor de 2 sesiones (dependiendo de la técnica) para que hagas tu propia pieza (el resto de las citas dependerá de tí, para esta recompensa tendras que organizarte por tu cuenta a estar en Guadalajara) Te enviaremos además un juego de 6 caballitos de vidrio soplado que te fascinarán. (Envío incluido sólo en la República Mexicana)

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¡TOUR DIRECTO A LOS TALLERES! + PIÑA DE BARRO .... ¡GRACIAS POR EL INCREIBLE APOYO! Queremos organizarte un día a que visites una region de Jalisco en donde se encuentran nuestros artesanos, conocerás alrededor de 5 técnicas y las increíbles manos que la realizan. Te sorprenderás del trabajo, dedicación y de la pasión de los artesanos que te contarán sus historias y procesos. (El tour es de medio día y no incluye alimentos) También te enviaremos una hermosa Mini Piña de Barro elaborada en Michoacán, te encantará. (Envío incluido sólo en la República Mexicana)

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