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"Thriller sobre mujer que busca a su madre biológica en Valparaíso. Thriller about a woman who looks for her biological mother in Valparaíso."

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Valparaíso, Chile

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Fragments of Lucy is a thriller about a woman who suffers from Bipolar Disorder and looks in Valparaíso for her mother whom she has never met after receiving a six-month-old letter from her. Once she arrives at the alleged meeting point, she finds no trace of her mother and during a harassment attempt by two drunk young men in a public bus, she loses all her belongings, among them, her Bipolarity pills, which soon cause her strong mood swings. At the same time, throughout her search around the city, facing several obstacles and a violent family past, she meets different kinds of people who help her reconstruct her own story and identity.

Current Project Status 

This project is in a very advanced stage, most actors have already been working for several months and preparing themselves for the shooting, and also a small crew of very talented and passionate people has been put together. The project has participated in workshops such as the VI Bolivia Lab and the II Santiago Lab.

Project Origin

This project was born from very personal experiences that were later taken into a field of research and interviews focused mainly on the intimacy of the feminine world where fiction began to mix up with reality and each character was filled with stories, wounds and dreams that in a world that moves so fast seem almost invisible. The main objective is to capture those moments and that sensibility, strength and essence of each woman—from twenty to eighty years old and different socioeconomic backgrounds—and their lives in Valparaíso with all its cultural and historical richness.




Javiera Díaz de Valdés

Clara Otarola

Pablo Schwarz

Alejandro Sieveking 

Paula Zúñiga

Paola Lattus

América Ullóa

Josefina Dagorret



Film Director

Jorge Yacoman - director and scriptwriter of the project, positions he also played for his first feature film "The comfort in the distance" which participated in the 61st San Sebastian Film Festival in the Films in Progress category, premiered at the 10th Santiago Film Festival (SANFIC) in the National Competition and continued participating in other festivals around the world.

Executive Producer

Eduardo Villalobos - executive producer of Molotov Cine, he has produced "Huacho" which premiered at the 48th Cannes' Critics' Week; "By the fire" premiered at the 57th San Sebastian Film Festival; and "To kill a man" winner of the World Cinema Jury Prize at Sundance 2014.

Where does the money go?

We need your help to cover shooting expenses of the film such as food, transportation and accommodation for two weeks, and also initial post-production processes.


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