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"Conectamos a las personas que quieren aprender nuevas tecnologías y programación con proyectos sociales reales de alto impacto."

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Guadalajara, Jal.

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Hello! We are Alex and Gerardo from Code Happenin’, and we are 2 crazy guys seeking to eliminate the lack of access to computer programming.

Nowadays knowing new technologies and being able to code is probably as important as being able to read and write. There is a high demand of I.T. talented people out there and the demand is increasing every day as new technology companies start to appear. Knowing how to create a webpage, a PC computer program or a mobile app opens a lot job opportunities to those who own these skills. However, if we want to learn a new technology (let’s say web design) we will probably have trouble finding enough motivation to start learning.

In Code Happenin’ we solve this issue in a innovative way, thanks to the specialized mentoring, people can learn these skills for free while creating solutions that will really help someone else, in other words you learn while you help.


One day while walking on the streets we realized that there are a lot of local business and small organizations that want to jump to the internet world but have been unable to do so. The statistics are impressive, every five blocks we found a local small business that required a tech solution or a web page but they haven’t had the enough money to budget the project.

Thanks to Code Happenin’ you will be able to help these people and small businesses to grow and reach even more people, all of this while you create the technological solution they need, along with the guidance of I.T experts, the tutorials and challenges that we will provide you once you join a project.



“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” - Steve Jobs


The issue that we are tackling about computer programming has a big relevance for the market, because every single day the number of tech companies that require I.T. skilled people is increasing. Only in USA, it has been estimated that in 2020 there will be 1,400,00 new tech jobs, but only 400,000 tech-skilled people. This means there will be a 1,000,000 unexplored job opportunity.See the statistics here: www.code.org/stats

Our mission is that, by combining learning with projects that will really help our communities, the experience of becoming tech skilled with us will be the most motivating and exciting experience you could find.

We are looking for your help on Fondeadora so that we can take Code Happenin’ to the Unreasonable Institute - México, where will be able to formally establish this initiative, have impact in more countries and keep on enhancing the learning experience.

At the moment we offer 6 types of projects and more than 20 technologies to learn.


Code Happenin’ uses a tutorial and challenge based learning. Every time a learner successfully completes a new activity they receive virtual awards and badges that you can show to the public on your “online resume”. Learning this way is a lot more fun and recognizes your effort to learn a new programming language while creating a real technological solution which ultimately increases your chances to land a tech job. We want to keep testing this model and help more people to achieve their goals.


Help us to take Code Happenin’ to the next level and to continue teaching people like you how to code while improving our communities.

We are Gerardo and Alex, remember that you can make any questions in the “Comments” section. We read and answer all every single doubt.


Know more about our initiative on www.codehappen.in

See how the money will be used in our transparency page

Get more info about us here

Or more info about how this works here

Code Happenin’

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