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"Dos bandidos pierden sus armas y dinero en un deshonroso crimen. Si no se destruyen entre ellos, los va a colgar Bosco. ¿Tiene caso seguir huyendo?"

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Distrito Federal, Mexico

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We did it once. We made a feature film –Del Bosque* by Pía Gómez Escalante, it’s in the editing room and looking wonderful- and a couple of Short films. This is who we are: people who love doing movies.

We are eager to do more. We have yet another script, this one is full of adventure and quite affordable. Nine actors: seven humans, one cow and a dog. One location: the forested mountains of the Estado de México. Bosco is a story deeply rooted in a past that roars to this very day. A humane, deep, painful and fun voyage that will captivate any story lover. Remigio got his friend into committing a terrible crime that went wrong and they are going to die for it. If Bosco, the bounty hunter doesn’t find them, they’ll die running anyway. 

These cowards will have to restore their friendship and search for God to ask him if there is a meaning in this life of running, if there’s life after death. This beautiful script is 2014 Oaxaca Filmfest Oficial Selection

*If you want to watch Del Bosque before funding this project, please write to mahzatlan@gmail.com


We have a very experienced and passionate team working in this project. It was very important to us that before we brought this project to you, we knew we had a special film in our hands.

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $160,000 MXN, which will allow us to cover the costs of our incredible quest, including: The actors, whom we think are the core of every film, the humane and talented side of it, the face of our emotions and the body of our thoughts. They will bring life to our dreams. The sound crew, because we believe sound should be dealt with efficiency and absolute care. Production and editing because a film not finished is no film at all.

They will all put their time and expertise to this matter and we think it should be rewarded.


ACTORS: Diego Alberico, Daniela Luque, Luis Eduardo Yee**, Aldo Escalante, Hector Berzunza and Amanda Farah

Production: Pía Gómez Escalante

DP: Daniel Bolaños

Sound design: Páramo Estudio

Music: A White Blackbird

Art and editing: Rodrigo Murillo

Costume Design: Hector Berzunza

AD: Isaac Weisselberg

Producer: Pía Gómez Escalante

History consultant and producer: Frank O'Hagan

Postproduction y CGI: Mario Olvera 

Writer and director: Jose Luis Isoard


Jose Luis Isoard is a member of Mahzatlán –A group of passionate filmmakers that started four years ago with the sole purpose of storytelling. Since then, they’ve managed to do almost twenty short films, two feature films, sketches, ads and music videos. Jose Luis Isoard has written six feature film scripts, Bosco being one of them and taking him to his first Film Festival as a nominee.

Contactar al creador:

mail: mahzatlan@gmail.com
teléfono: 5555052634
twitter: @mahzatlan
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mahzatlan



por Mahzatlan


Les queremos contar que no hemos dejado de trabajar un minuto en la película. Personalmente nos gusta lo que vemos y queremos compartirles el primer teaser oficial de Bosco. 

Aquí la prueba de lo bien invertido que está su dinero con nosotros. Como siempre gracias por ser parte de esto. 



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Thank you. The day we show Bosco for the first time (wherever that is), we will send you a digital version so you can watch it wherever you want. And, if you ask us, we will go to your house to watch it with you (within a reasonable distance), we’ll even bring popcorn.

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Thanks a lot. You will receive a digital copy and a PDF with the screenplay.

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Thanks a lot, really. Get your digital copy on! And a PDF with the screenplay and your name in the credits as “Production Collaborator”. On top of that, we will invite you to some of the projections we will do during post-production and release.

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Okay, now, thanks a lot. Really. The world is yours. Digital copy, PDF, your name in the credits and a still from Bosco, printed as a high quality photography (first 8).

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Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks & thanks. Everything above and a special edition DVD.

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Alright, stop it. This is getting weird. We’ll visit you with the finished film and use your kitchen to cook a dinner (or we can do it somewhere else)... and instead of one printed still there’s two, and also a signed screenplay. Everything above too.

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This makes no sense anymore, but thank you deeply. Everything above and you’ll get invited to every event and hopefully red carpets and be credited everywhere as an “Executive Producer”. Also, three stills instead of two and a signed poster. We will also give you the fake and beautiful Winchester rifle and gun used in the production.

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